Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Repairs. Big Things & Slightly smaller

So, Today, I went around and took a few choice pictures to go along with The Domestic Witches First week of cleaning, so, I figured I'd share them with you and go threw my checklist.

First things, They are small projects that I can do by myself and for little or no money.


  • Clean Porch
  • Clean Driveway
  • Clean out Gutters

  • Fix Dining Room Edging
  • Plaster Stairwell
  • New bathroom Doorknob
  • Put Doorknob on Den Door
  • Paint Bedroom Ceiling
  • Hang Blinds/Curtains

(missing Plaster in hallway) (Doorknob in the Den...or rather lack there of)

The Next Projects are slightly bigger and will require me to save up funds, I won't be able to do them alone, and it will take time to fix.

  • New Roof
  • Repair Balcony
  • Busted Garage Window
  • Water damage to Laundry Room
  • Living Room Ceiling
  • New Dishwasher
  • New Light Fixture in Altar Room
  • Hang Altar Room Door

(Ceiling Damage) (Rotted Outside Laundry Wall)

So! Now that we've got the plan laid out we should have a MUCH easier time getting to the chores now. As I complete the tasks, I'll check them off and prolly post updates on twitter!

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Thanks to The Domestic Witch for her idea! See Her Page Here.

Blessed Be!
Fae Kieran


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