Friday, March 19, 2010

Ostara Spell Work

Ostara is a prime time to work on setting goals for yourself that progress and increase over time. Ostara marks when the sun is in one degree Aries, prime for using force and intention to actually make solid goals and plans. Ostara is a ceremony celebrating the rebirth of the world from it's winter-depths and being filled with the vibrant new youthful energy. Let's use Ostara as a chance to work on short-to-long term goals. For this spell, you will need White Candles or Pastel Greens and Pinks; A list of goals that start of small, but each goal allows you to then set a larger goal (i.e Start a diet, loose 5 pounds, loose 10, loose 20, Fit into that small black dress!)

This spell is best done in the early dawn hours, preferably sunrise. But it can be done at any time during the day. Take your candle(s) and your list out to a cozy corner of your garden or at the base of a good strong and old tree. Dig a little hole (with your hands or small hand shovel if you can't get your nails dirty!!) Light the candle and read aloud the following spell:

"I plant the seeds,
to which will grow
and by Fall I shall
Be ready to then Sow.

Strong or weak,
my fragile dreams,
are warmed in earth,
and kissed by sun beams

I plant and ask for the best,
so when autumn is hottest
all my goals to be
ready for harvest!"

Read your list of goals

Blow out the candle and make sure the wick is cool. Rap the list around the candle and bury them both. Try to remember to water them with love and light every chance you get! When autumn has come, and if you've completed the list remove the parcel from it's hole and reap the rewards of what you grew for yourself!

Blessed Be,


Avie said...

Merry Meet - and thank you for your thoughtful comment on my Ostara post. I agree - we do have very similar ideas about Ostara rituals; I guess that shows how instinctive and natural that kind of 'spell' is to fall in with the season and sabbat. Bright blessings.

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