Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning w. The DW: Week 1 Health & Fitness

For Spring Cleaning week one w/ the Domestic Witch, she is having us focus on Home Maintenance and Repair/ Health and Fitness.

For More Information on Health and Fitness see her post here: Spring Cleaning Week 1 Health
For My Post on Maintenance and Repair See: Spring Cleaning Week 1 Maintenance
For Her Post on Maintenance and Repair See: Spring Cleaning Week 1

For this segment of her series, Everyday (starting Tonight) I'm going to be Keeping a Health Journal on Livejournal. To Get to Confessions of a Teenage Witch Click here

I will post Over there, a regular diary of my health, things I'm doing differently, how much exercise I get, what I eat and how much of it. Improving our health is not only a practical thing but also a Magickal one as well. I have found, that in many cases when someone comes to me and asks for healing that their answer is not in any spells I have or any of my remedies; But in improving their individual health. And THAT is Truly Magickal.

A Healthy Body, Is a Healthy Mind and Spirit. As Witches, I feel that we are obligated to take care of ourselves just as much as we take care of others.

The Following Is A checklist (Created by The Domestic Witch) Of things to Focus on doing year round for better health:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Exercise
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid excessive caffeine, sugar, fat, drugs, etc.
  • Take drugs as prescribed
  • Maintain hygiene


  • Find time for fun and to relieve stress
  • Engage in safe, fulfilling sexual activity
  • Weigh yourself


  • Prevent or treat PMS symptoms
  • Take body measurements (for those wishing to lose weight or gain muscle)
  • Vacuum mattresses to remove bed bugs and skin cells
  • Vacuum upholstery


  • Dress for the weather
  • Spend more time outdoors in warmer weather
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Check home for toxic substances (such as mold or pests)
  • Clean air ducts, air conditioner, radiator, and change air filters
  • Use a humidifier
  • Steam clean carpets


  • Get an annual check up
  • Clean expired medications out of medicine cabinet
  • Get vision and/or hearing check up
Blessed Be
Fae Kieran


Catpriestess said...

If I could implement one of those routines in my life, I'd be healthier I know. I'm such a perfectionist that if I don't do everything perfectly, nothing gets done. Have you ever been to the site, "Lifehacker"? Definitely not a wiccan/pagan site, but full of really great ideas about organization and productivity. Sigh, we can only do the best we can. P.S. It's nice to meet another changeling and sounds like your granny was a wise woman herself.

Fae Kieran said...

Haahaa! True. I'm some what of a perfectionist too, although I'm far more a procrastinator. I'd rather dance or sing than do any real work! ;) And I will deff have to check out Lifehacker. And, do you mean my Granda? He's the one who named me Fae. I didn't mention my Gran, but she is pretty wise in and of herself. It's is nice to meet you as well!


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