Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vegetarian Eating: Not so healthy some days

Don't get me wrong my pretties, Vegetarian Life Style has made me feel so much better. (I've also cut out all unnatural and processed foods in my diet) But Unfortunately, being a Teenage witch comes with some trials. Like...the Trial of living 'at home'. I would love more than anything than to simply have a perfect diet with a nice cozy amount of everything and feel wonderful all the time and maintaining that perfect weight (hey, a girl can dream can't she?). However, much to my dismay, the rest of my family that I live with isn't so keen of jumping on the band wagon to a healthy, and green way of life. My house is over flowing with unhealthy junk food, processed food, MSG, and an absolute lack of a completion of essentials my diet/life style choice requires. I take a multi-vitamin every night and try my best to avoid the temptation of my grandmothers poorly hidden stash of Three Musketeers Bars and the other various assorted comfort foods and synthetic poisons.

So, what is a Girl suppose to do?
She (and like the good little Pisces I am) makes the best of the situation and Looks forward to the day the river stops bending and there is a stretch of water that she is free to gracefully swim (until the next bend mind you..also, I now have "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas stuck in my head)

Let me share some of my tricks to trying your best to maintain a healthy diet while being able to fit in the confines of some of life's restrictions.

  • Exercise daily.
This is one of the things that I notice almost NO one does regularly enough, but is vital in maintaining a healthy body, even I am guilty. A ten minute walk a day is all it takes to be able to maintain your body's stamina. It's good for the heart, and helps to ground a center. Exercise releases endorphins and If you're walking alone you can use this as quality time to commune with the Earth Goddess.

  • Eat Protein
Every day, I eat two eggs. Most vegetarians would scoff at this but then...most vegetarians aren't in a confined situation like mine (stubborn Irish blooded relatives) Protein is wonderful, it helps curb hunger so that you can eat less and help to maintain that girlish figure, and for the men readers, it helps to build muscle.

  • Eat Proper Portions
They say a proper portion is about the size of your fist. And, you should prolly eat a Balance of one portion per-food-choice depending on what your weight requirements are per day. As an Example I weigh 115-130 and I need about 75 grams of Protein per day (average vegetarian foods may only contain 8-10g of protein per serving..meaning I have to eat more). You can easily find out all your nutritional needs and requirements per weight by doing a simple Google search.
  • Eat as many Natural Low Fat products as you can
For example, All Natural Low in Fat Vanilla Yogurt. No added anything, while still being great tasting and healthy. You can add bits of fruits and get a healthy serving of fruits into your snacks as well!

  • Instead of Junk food Eat Fruits and Vegetables
Don't get me wrong, every now and then a little comfort or secret pleasure is completely acceptable. DON'T deny yourself your favorite junk food...and if that so happens to be a high fructose laced dipped in sugar filled with caramel desire (Twix Bars >.>) than so be it. Denying yourself something you love...just makes eating healthier harder for everyone. Because, the more appealing it becomes over time..and the more you'll feel bad (and prolly eat more) once you finally cave in. Simple Moderation is all I'm suggesting.

As you can see being a Witch involves a Lot more than the spells and charms. In my personal opinion, I think that being healthy is a Vital part of the craft. Respect your OWN personal Divinity by treating yourself the best you can. Balance of the Mind, the Body, and the spirit is an important part of witchcraft. But I feel like in so many cases, "the Body" aspect of that trinity is allowed to slip threw the cracks.

Blessed be,


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