Sunday, February 21, 2010

February: Snow Moon Purification Spell

~ Astrological Moon Placements for February 28 2010: Moon in Virgo; Sun in Pisces (Change Herbal Correspondences based on moon/sun positions)

February is the time of loving the self, accepting responsibility for past errors, forgiving yourself
and making future plans. All this Time Spring Energy is bubbling just beneath the surface. A perfect time for Purification, growth and healing.

-Garlic (for Virgo/Earth)
-Thyme (for Pieces/Water)
-Full Moon Candle

With all the snow on the ground in most places in the northern hemisphere we find ourselves surrounded by the cleansing color of white. The Snow Moon is aptly named because in the Northern Hemisphere February is when the last bouts of natures winter pour out. Thing of it like this: Nature is letting out all her negativity repairing for rebirth in the spring. (Which is what we asked her to do during Imbolc!)

Coming to this realization gives us the chance to do the same.

Gather up all the supplies, chop the Garlic and Thyme (or appropriate Herbs) and spread around the base of the Full Moon Candle. Prepare for Spell Work.

Ground, Center, Connect,
Cast a Circle, and Call the Elements

X Remember X

You may perform this as part of an Esbat Ritual or separately if desired.

Invoke the goddess as Follows

"Lady Mother, I harken you near
Once more, your loving pressence draw here
Snow Moon Above, and I below
I Invite you in my circle, to grow!"

Once established, you may want to sit and meditate while visualizing the Goddess Energy grow and run threw your circle yourself. Open up, and allow the healing to take place. Light the Moon Candle if you haven't already and allow it's energy to pull on the energy of the herbs creating a single energy. Then, allow that energy to flow to you, while saying:

" By all the power of thee snow moon
all for release and healing of my wombs
To melt my so, so I may grow
whilst spring near, and the Sun follow

I know the sun will shine again,
with warmth of love that will begin
to heal the scars of my heart
as winter now does depart

Full Snow Moon thou Shines above
All for the flowing of perfect love
to reinstate my trust in me
and by the goddess, blessed be."

Allow for the candle to burn down to the next notch. You may want to save the herbs for similar spell later on. =]

Complete any other spellwork/esbat

Thank the Elements, Open Circle, Ground and Center.

Blessed Be,

Mondays Blesings

Monday is ruled by the Moon. Monday is the day primary to Female energy. Use some of the energy to promote Balance and Healing. And who doesn't wake up Monday morning feeling we could use some of that? White and Silver candles can be used to invoke the Moons Power.

"Moon above, and I below,
I invoke your healing Flow
comfort me and bring relief,
so I may be free from grief.

Promote your balance,
and summon up my Talents
to last all week long,
So I may feel like I belong.

My week has now start
so fill this witches heart
with love and good thought-
from you, this I wrought"

Blessed Be,

Sundys Blessings

Sunday is ruled by the Sun (imagine that). Use the Masculine energy of Fire to empower and energize yourself. Light Orange, Yellow, and/or Gold candles to bring the suns energy into your home.

"Fire burning, Sun so bright,
Bring your glory into my life!
Fill within me, Your Golden Success
For I know I am the best!

Spark in me, Creative Light
Fuel desire I know is right.
Empower myself to make it so
and give me strength to simply know!

Fire burning, Sun So bright,
bring your glory into my life
By all the power of Three Times Three
as I will, So mote it be!"

Regular Exercise, and a healthy Diet will also be a fantastic way to maintain energy!

Blessed be,

Saturday's Blessings

Saturday is ruled by Saturn ans is a good day to work magick of Self-Responsibility and Self-Control. Since sometimes we allow for our weekends to be more about relaxing we tend to forget some of our responsibilities. So, we're going to do an affirmation to help us remind us that even though it's the weekend, we still are in control!You may want to light Dark Blue Candles and light Myrrh incense while saying this Affirmation.

"Saturn, O' Ruler of Discipline and Self
Bring unto your magickal Wealth
Aliven my Soul
awaken Self-Control
As I rest from my week
this abundance I know seek
Don't let me forget Responsibility,
As I will, So shall this be."

If you have the habit of forgetting that you're suppose to do things, try also writing them down in a notebook.

Blessed Be,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Blessings

~Friday's Blessings~

Friday is a good day for expression of Love, beauty and happiness. It's ruling deity is the Goddess of Love Venus. If you would like, you may like to light Pink Pastel candles and invite her presence into you home. You can use the following spell as a Friday Blessing and Affirmation.

"Goddess of Love,
Friday has come!
The weekend is here
I draw your presence near!!

Your beauty is within,
but also without!

All Forms of love
Is what you're about

I face this day with
my own beauty and grace
and honor you this way
with a smile on my face!"

For an extra nice touch, you may buy fresh pastel color flowers on this day to decorate your house, but also buy a bundle for Venus and either leave them on your altar or throw them into the nearest source of running water that goes to a lake or ocean!

Blessed Be

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Cleanseing Shower Ritual

A Cleansing Shower Ritual

For this spell you will need Shampoo with Rosemary and Mint. Currently suave makes a fantastic shampoo with such, however if you can not find it you can use plain shampoo and grind up the herb and add it yourself.

Also you will be using your bathroom as a sacred space so make sure it is clean and tidy.

Ground, center, and prepare for spell work in your normal fashion except methods that will be interfered by washing (i.e anointing with oils) You may also use this as a Pre-Normal Spell work also. Most sources recommend Ritual Baths but, sometimes, baths may not be an option.

~Best Times to Perform~
Waning Moon
Or Prior Spellwork

Rosemary & Mint Shampoo/Body wash
A Razor to shave
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
and a brand new white votive candle

Make sure you choose a time where you won't be interrupted, and use a fresh towel for this as well.

Start off by casting a circle, and calling the elements. Light a white candle and place it towards the north.

Stand in front of it raise your arms and Invoke the Goddess as follows:

"Mother goddess please come to this place
fill this room with your loving grace
this child of yours now calls you near
of this I pray you do hear
I invoke your Divine powers within and
through out me,
If you do so will, than so shall it be!"

Once that has been established you may want to sit and meditate with her for a while. Ask for renewal and her aid in your cleansing.

If you haven't done so, get undress and then put yourself where you can turn on the the water while still staying dry (if possible) while you're turning on the water and getting it to the proper temperature say the following while envisioning the water coming from the faucet sparkling:

"O, healing water I call you here
of all your magick I do hold dear!
Cleanse my spirit and cleanse this place
renew my body and renew my face
return into me,
all that is purity,
and in your light, return all that is right!

All earth and air and fire see
As I will so shall it be!
Healing waters come to me!"

Now step into the water and feel its revitalizeing warmth spread over your body. You can clean in any way you wish, but here are a few charms to say while you clean certain parts. Say each charm repeatedly until the washing of that area is complete

~Hair and Body~
"As the Scent, of rosemary and mint
fills the air it wafts away all my cares
freeing my mind for better things,
removing the bad as good it brings"

As I shave the bad goes down the drain
as water falls like pouring rain
I remove all stubble from my life
and make it smooth, without strife"

"I cleanse away all the grease and gook
as I was now every nook
I clean the slate from which I look
to never judge a cover of a book"

"All foul speech and lies go out
as now I move onto my mouth
to speak the truth and trust myself
and clean my teeth for better health"

NOTE! You can do your face and teeth out of the shower if you choose

Once you've been cleaned and the shower is off stand facing the north and say the closing incantation:

"This spell is now done,
Im clean and brand new
Refreshed and Revived
I know this is true.

I thank all the spirits
I know now have helped
For as I am renewed
so shall you be too!

As is above, so be below
in perfect love you may now go
In all that is harmony
so mote it be!"

Blow out the candle.

~Open the Circle, ground, center again.

Blessed be,
Breathless Moon

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cleanseing Consecrateing and Empowering

There are many ways to CCE an object. Some of the easiest and simplest methods don't require any spell work at all. Depending on the purpose of your desired empowerment (i.e protection, love, fertility, ect.) you may simply leave the object you are CCE in the Full, or Dark moon, or even out for an entire moon phase if that is an option. Take for example empowering something for the enhancement of psychic abilities. You may want to simply leave the object out during the entire waxing moon phase (from dark to full) Or take it out everynight at moonrise during that time, which ever is the most safe and easiest for you. In some cases, like for protection, you may want to take or leave the object in the moon in a bowl of salt, or in a ring of stones during the duration of the Full Moon (approx 3 days). Let's say you want to empower something for darker aspect magick, such as banishing negativity, Leave the object out during the dark moon. You get the point.

Types of Empowerment
Light Aspect Empowerment: These types of Empowerment are used to Help and heal yourselves and those around you Typically cast during the Waxing to Full Moon.
~ Love ~Harmony ~Fortune ~Joy ~ Peace ~Healing ~Luck
~Protection ~Fertility ~Courage

Dark Aspect Empowerment: This types of empowerment are used to block or repel dark or negative energies.
~"Return-Energy-To-Sender" ~Deflection (diffuse malevolence and ill will) ~Retribution (return energy to sender and seal it there)
~Purging(the complete cleansing of a person/place) ~Banishing (repelling energy)

If you find that you may need an extra kick of magickal assistance then try this simple CCE spell.

Before all spell work, ground, center, and connect to the Divine, and Cast a Circle. Try to use visualization during spell work and to keep your mind focused only on what you're doing. For any information on Grounding, Centering, Connecting or Casting a Circle you can email me. Chances are I will post how to do all of the above at a later date then this current one.

All four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
If available try using Holy Water (you can email me at "" for a Holy water spell)

Best Times to Perform
As stated earlier, try to perform even this spell during the proper moon phase for the empowerment you desire. I will post a list of appropriate Moon Spell Correspondence's eventually. If not you can always email me at the aforementioned address if you have any doubts about when to perform for specific Empowerment.

Light Aspect CCE Spell
By: Fae Kieran

Hold your hands over the Elements & Say:

"In the names of the Lord and Lady,
And for the Good Will of All
May you only work positively
and be filled with the divine energy of love,
So Mote It Be"

Now, sprinkle or rub the Water over the object you are cleansing.
Say aloud while visualizing the object being infused with a brilliant white light

"O' Working of the Goddess,
and the Element of the Water
in your names I banish all
unclean energies, and in turn
Fill with the Light of ( Name your Empowerment)"

Now, repeat that charm and replace water w. Earth, Air, then Fire.

Once done, hold the object up and say

"This object is blessed,
all spirits may now rest
In god and goddess be true
I know thank you!"

Complete Spell work, Open the Circle, Ground & Center

Consecration of a Dark Aspect Tool
Written by Ann Moura adapted and evolved by Fae Kieran

Perform this type of Consecrating only during a Dark Moon

Black or Purple Altar Candles X3
Rich Incense, like Dragon's Blood, or Frankincense
A Votive candle (Black or purple)
Pentacle (can be drawn)
The Four Elements

Ground Center, call the elements and Cast a Circle

Now, steadily breathing hold the Tool or place it above the Pentacle

"Dark Lady! Dark Lord!
In your veiled light, I consecrate this [tool]
to be used only by me, and to Aid me in my darker work!
By earth it is! [sprinkle with salt]
By Water it is! [sprinkle with water]
By Fire it is! [pass over votive candle]
By Air it is! [pass threw incense smoke]

Set the tool down and take the athame and stab it into the ground (if outside!!) Or hold it pointing to the ground. Then Say

"By the Shadow of this Dark Moon
This tool is cleansed in the names of the
Dark Goddess and Dark God
May it be used to aid me threw my dark journeys
I bid them to share their presence within this [tool]
and it be imbued with the dark power of [empowerment]
So Mote it Be!"

Remove the tool from the pentacle and snuff the votive candle, say aloud

"I command thee, Dark Energies, return ye to the Realm of shadow and harm none! This path Is Closed!"


Don't forget to re ground and center and to release the elements, and open the circle after spell work. Also, don't forget to thank all the forces for their assistance and their help in your work. You may wish to leave simple offerings of bread and wine or juice around a tree as thanks also.

Blessed Be,
Fae Kieran

Earth Religions Get a space at AF Acadamy? Or Do they??

By DeeDee Correll
February 3, 2010

Reporting from Denver - The Air Force Academy, stung several years ago by accusations of Christian bias, has built a new outdoor worship area for pagans and other practitioners of Earth-based religions.

But its opening, heralded as a sign of a more tolerant religious climate at the academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., was marred by the discovery two weeks ago of a large wooden cross placed there.

"We've been making great progress at the Air Force Academy. This is clearly a setback," said Mikey Weinstein, a 1977 graduate of the academy. He is founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and has often tangled with the academy over such issues.

Although he credits the academy's superintendent, Air Force Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, with an improved climate of religious tolerance, Weinstein criticized other academy officials as trivializing the incident, which he said was not revealed to cadets.

Rhetorically addressing academy officials, Weinstein said Tuesday, "It's been two weeks -- were you going to get around to telling them about this horrible thing that happened, and why haven't you?"

Academy spokesman John Van Winkle said officials reported the situation to those on base and issued a message reiterating the school's policy of religious tolerance and respect.

In a statement, Gould said, "We absolutely will not stand for this type of destructive behavior. I consider this no different than someone writing graffiti on the Cadet Chapel."

In 2004, an academy survey found that many cadets felt that evangelical Christians were imposing their views and harassing non-Christians at the school.

The following year, an Air Force task force determined that there was no overt discrimination but the academy had failed to accommodate the religious needs of some cadets. Since then, the academy has worked to change that, Van Winkle said.

"It boils down to the key issue of respect -- respect for everyone's right to practice their faith as they choose," he said.

Specific steps include the creation of a Cadet Interfaith Council that identifies upcoming religious holidays and helps adjust cadets' schedules to observe them.

The academy -- which also has worship areas for Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish faiths -- already had a designated area for Wiccans, pagans and followers of similar traditions, but it was located on the north end of the 19,000-acre campus and was not easy for cadets to visit, Van Winkle said.

The new site, a collection of stones set in a circle unveiled late last year, is closer to where cadets live and train.

Modern Wicca is a reconstruction of ancient European pagan religions and is based on respect for Earth, nature and the seasons.

On the weekend of Jan. 17, Weinstein said a client of his organization who is based at the academy spotted a cross, constructed of railroad ties, propped against a rock at the center. The client reported it, and the Office of Special Investigations began an inquiry.

The dean of faculty, Brig. Gen. Dana Born, discussed the incident at a Jan. 27 staff meeting, Weinstein said.

Weinstein did not attend the meeting but said that faculty members who did described the official reaction as tepid.

One faculty member, who attended and asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter, supported Weinstein's characterization of the meeting.

The reaction would have been stronger, Weinstein said, if another worship center had been involved. Had a swastika been placed in the Jewish center, "heads would be rolling," he said.

Van Winkle said he saw video of Born's address: "She downplayed nothing. She addressed the expectations, the issue and moved on."

Correll writes for The Times.
Copyright © 2010, The Los Angeles Times

Queen Elizabeth's Witch of a Doctor

Not only is HRM of mythic blood herself, but her doctor is also. Her lovely doctor use's traditional Witchcraft, and homeopathic remedies to cure the lady of almost every illness.,,20072184,00.html

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Imbolc: Simple Candle and Clean Ritual

Stories From A Witches cabinet

Imbolc: Sabbat

Imbolc is one of the Sabbat's of Fire, Light, and Purification. Witches cast light spells to purify the winter to make ready for spring. Imbolc is particularly sacred to the Goddess Brigid, the Gaelic deity of Poetry, healing and Smithcrafting, and Imbolc is celebrated in her honor to cast out the bleakness of winter and try and usher in new life and growth for Spring.

Witches honor Brigid by using today to clean their homes, both physically and spiritually, and is their day for Spring Cleaning

Traditionally Witches light candles and say a small charm while both cleaning and purifying their homes.

Here is a small Imbolc spell to cast out your own winter blues:

~Candles, and a lot of them. At the LEAST enough for two in each room of your house (and if you can't do that, enough to illuminate the rooms you spend the most time in)
~Something to carve your candles, a Knife or Letter Opener will do perfectly.

On all of your candles scribe whatever symbols remind you of spring. You may carve flowers, suns, hearts ect ect In the morning hours light them and say:

"May the Faerys now come
and awaken the Sun
and with them to bring
the great season spring.

The flowers shall bloom
and burn away gloom
as witches do clean
and honor Brigid as Queen,

Bleak winter darkness
I will not miss thiss
as I cast away blackness
into abyss."

Remember to clean your house physically and spiritually, leave offerings around trees and gardens on your property to attract Faery's. Rescribe and replace your candles as they burn out threw out the day for as long as you clean!

Blessed Be,

Wolf Moon Longing Spell

Spell: January's Moon - The Wolf Moon Longing Spell

January's moon is called the wolf moon. It was so aptly named by the Native Americans by observing Wolfs in January. They say that in January wolves howl ever so longingly at the wolf moon to feed their hungry bellies. So, let's use January's moon to fill the emptiness in our own proverbial bellies (or, perhaps even our real ones!).

Best time to perform: Waxing Moon or Full moon in January.

Supplies: A brand new pillar candle
The Ace of Coins from Tarot, The Ace of Cups from Tarot
If you can't get tarot cards, A chalice filled with blessed water and a 50 cent piece will work also.
Oregano (herb)
Peppermint (herb)
Cinnamon (herb)
Rosemary (herb)
(don't forget to charge your herbs!)

Gather all materials, and try and aquire a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. Once your altar is set up, and decorated accordingly prepare in your normal fashion to do spell work. If you're doing it on the Full Moon, you may or may not want to also do an Esbat.

Prepare Space, Ground & Center & Connect, Cast a Circle and Call the Corners

Lay the picture of the wolf behind the candle, the tarot cards (or items) on either side of the candle, and scatter the herbs at the base of the candle. Light the Candle and meditate on the things you long for in your life that will make it better.

Once you spend some time on that, Invoke the deity(s) of your choosing.

Ring a Bell three times or Clap three times and state loudly your intent on starting spell work. Once this is established raise your arms to the moon and say aloud:

" Longings from deep inside my Bones,
I know howl in magick tones
By the light of this Wolf Moon
and the Magick of this Witches Tune,
Bring Fulfillment of these desires
I Wrought,
And harm none thee
shall Not!"

Close your eyes and concentrate on your desires again. Say the following in a clear, concise, and affirmative tone:

"Bless me and my hearth and home,
Help me to be less alone,
Bring to me positive thoughts,
and let me overcome Road Blocks
Help all to see my inner beauty
& give me the strength to do my duty.
Allow great Family Unity,
and from sickness, Immunity
By lord and lady above,
Grant me these things
In perfect trust & perfect love"

Note!!!!!!: You may replace this list of desires with your own, but try to keep them in rhyme and in the same tone

Mark the pillar candle with 12 notches and burn the candle down to the first notch, you will use this candle for the other moons (except the Blue Moon) =]

~Blessed Be,

Midwinter Stew

Midwinter Bleak Stew

Ignore the name! It's to CURE the bleakness of midwinter. =]

You will need:
1 can of Vegetable Stock (or make your own about 2 or 3 cups)
1 medium to large soup pot
2 medium carrots
3 small yams
1 large onion
3 small potatos
1 large turnip
1 can of pumpkin (or approx. 16 ounces of squished pumpkin)
Bay Leaves, Ginger, Cloves, Parsley,
a small amount of hot sauce
a small amount of Worcestershire sauce

Pour the Vegetable Stock in the pot, with about a cup and a half of water, dice the carrots, yam, potatoes and turnip and add in. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil for 30 minutes and add the pumpkin, let the soup come to a boil again and Season with herbs in the amount you find tasteful. Add hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Saute the onions and serve as a garnish.

After you pour the pumpkin in, say as you stir:
"In this pot, I marry the earth,
I pray to the gods for a loving rebirth"

History Lesson: This stew is famous in Celtic Europe. During winter they would gather the materials they had left from the Autumn harvest and make a stew. Since it was the middle of winter and meat was scarce or frail and poorly kept eating it wasn't an option until they were stronger in the spring. They used mainly vegetables that were roots and kept well. (potatoes, onions, yams) It was great to make and keep your body warm and full.

Blessed be,

Harmony and Balance

Current Moon Phase: Waning 4th quarter
Current Moon: Libra

Quick Correspondences for Harmony and Balance
Deity: Ma'at Egyptian Goddess of Balance and Order
Color: White & Black at the same time
Best times: Waxing Moon; Wed or Sat
Number:2 & 4
Elements/Directions: Earth/North & Air/East
Herbs: Basil, nettle, mullein, comfry, oak, woodruff

It has been exactly one week sense New Years. And already you find that your New Years Resolutions are falling a little flat? You find your schedule doesn't allow you to keep the promises you made, or you find your resolve faltering. Frustrating, I'm sure. Well, the easiest way to keep those new years resolutions is this, Reaffirmation. The power that we all feel even if subconsciously of New Years has started to fade as we settle in our way another year around the sun. Reaffirmation is simple enough to do. Gather up something red, and the picture of the Leaning Tower of Piza, or the Tower from Tarot. Sit in a quiet place and set up the photo on top of the red cloth. Breath and try to clear your mind, and once you get to a place where your are quiet minded Visualize yourself on the top of that Tower Now say, loudly and in a demanding voice " I will Do these things" and name off your list of resolutions. Keep saying it, and everytime visualize the tower getting less chaotic, and not as tilted. Once the tower is straight and calm, say what you want to do in a voice that let's the heavens know you mean business.

However, if like so many you find that your resolutions are not only loosing resolve, but you simply don't have the time and energy to keep up with them? Everything is moving to quickly, or you feel overloaded and frustrated. It may be that you have lost your own balance. The Libra Moon is great for working magick to stabilize your life. This simple spell will help you to recover that.
First of, make sure the room or area you are doing the spell is free of clutter and isn't a place that a lot of people come and go in bad moods. And working with balance is going to take much more than just the spell; Make sure the things you want balanced are clearly written on a piece of paper. Buy an organizer or journal (you can even use your phone if it has that option) to keep track of everything that goes on with your life and keep this paper in there (or copy/take a picture on your phone) once you have done the spell. Place One Black Candle and One White Candle on the paper equal distance from each other and the edges of the paper. Light the Candles and say:

"Oh Goddess Ma'at, hear my Prayer
Bring on your wings of air into
this home Harmony and Balance to Spare.
Show me how to make my life be stable,
of this I know I am able.
By the light of these flames and
by the will of me, So Shall this Be!"

Blow out the candles and in the smoke wave your new planer/organizer/journal/phone in it.

Your's truly

A day in the Life of..yours truly.
A little bit about the face behind the Conical Hat.

Pouring your heart and soul out over the internet for all to read? Why not.
Well, To start, my name is Fae Kieran. Im 18 and have been practicing witch since I was 13. Most of my learning comes from myself and things that I've discovered a sort of trial and error. Although the Faery blood runs threw my families veins (as is apparent by our perpetual skinnyness, slightly pointed ears, red curly hair, and fantastic intuition) Most of my family has all but abandoned that part of themselves. Some Modern Traditionalist (think about that paradox for a bit) Would argue that I am now way a traditional Witch as I haven't been through an "initiation" overlooked by a High Priest or Priestess, I'm not part of a coven and have no ties with the family Clan. Well I can tell them to shove it. =D I know the Goddess and God love me and I know I love them, so I could care less what they think.
Im mostly a free spirit, I hate to be tied down, in one place for more than one amount of time. I spend more time outside alone, or on the computer talking to extended family and friends than I do my intermediate family because my intermediate family is slightly less than dysfunctional. However, I have found the necessary family love from the aforementioned places. I have spent the last year burning unnecessary bridges and carving my own life. And though it is unfortunate that I had to loose so many people I once cared about I have found so much more walking down my own path.
While I someday would like to be with a man who can accept me, take care of me, and Love me truly, I believe that at the moment I have other things that need to be done and other people who need taking care of. I also believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe in fairys, enchanted forests, and a whole bunch of other things any normal person would mistake for children's believe. I live in a world filled with wonderful things, as fantastical they may seem. I understand however, that this is not the reality that society has built for it's own comfort and can distinguish between my world and theirs. People perceive things in the way that makes them feel safe.
Just like Witchcraft. The word witch is such a powerful word and can evoke emotions itself without any help from charms or spells. While most people perceive it as Fantasy, others still think of it as a very real dangers, and others it is a way of light and love. However you feel about the subject it is simply something that is highly misunderstood and surrounded by so much mystery and superstition as Im sure one day this time era will also be thought of. "What..Books that you actually have to turn the pages and read yourself? Impossible."
Not only am I a Witch, but I'm also an empath. Empathy is simply the ability to feel and understand what other people are feeling. Weither or not this is the next stage of human evolution, a psychic gift, or simply something that comes with being from a deep understanding of the human experience, that is not for me, you, or any other empath to decide. But for everyone individually to find the reason that is their own.
I am wiser than my years should allow and smarter in a way that matters more than anyone who's graduated Harvard. I do not think of myself as better or lesser than anyone, nor do I think that anyone's thinking of me, my believes, their own believes are wrong or right. We were given the gift of free choice, and no one should think that their way of thinking is the only way. I try to walk with light in my heart, and like anybody, that light sometimes fades. However, I will always be there for those who need it most.
Recently, I've come to a great change in mylife, where I try not to let myself falter and miss the bigger picture. I choose not to worry or to attach my self to anybody emotionally. For the simple reason that, I know that I am needed elsewhere in the world to help it and to be a light for those who have lost their own lights. I have faith that the race of men are not doomed to eternal damnation and this world of pain, and I plan to help them get their. I know that I have a full life ahead of me, and I should live it to the fullest, let go of the past, move on and enjoy myself. Like the proper faery blood in me suggests I do. =D


Quick spell Correspondences
Deity: Mercury
Color: Orange
Best times to perform: Waxing Moon
Number: 5
Element/Direction: Air/East

Today is Wednesday, which is traditionally ruled over by Mercury the God of Communication. So, lets talk about Communication.

Communication is more than just talking. It is every interaction we make with another human being. From smiles, waves, and Nods; to in depth conversations and connection on a deeper more personal level. However, in some case's especially those times when Mercury is in retrograde, and waning moons all forms of communication can fall flat (which we are experiencing both of those currently). So, I figured I'd help pass along some Witch-y Knowledge. When you feel communication is lax, Light an Orange Candle on Wednesdays, and perhaps invite Mercury's pressence into your home. A simple herbal mixture of Eybright, Parsley, Citronella and Peppermint is good for promoting Communication.

On days that you find that Communication is especially broken try this simple spell,

Light and Orange Candle and say 3 times

Clever Mercury is the Roman
fleet -footed god,

Bring clear Communication
as into my life you trod.

In this (current Moon Phase) let's
banish troubles far away,

Misunderstandings are gone,
only Harmony will stay.

By all the power of three
times three,

As I will it, then so shall it be!

-Ellen Dugan

We all could use better communication in our lives, so hopefully this will bring some light into yours. Proper communication is good for family unity, helps with relationships at home, work, and socially. You can use communication correspondences along with courage correspondence when you looking to talk to a potential partner so not only will you have courage you also don't say anything silly and embarrassing. Good Luck!

Blessed Be
Fae Kieran