Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday's Blessings

Saturday is ruled by Saturn ans is a good day to work magick of Self-Responsibility and Self-Control. Since sometimes we allow for our weekends to be more about relaxing we tend to forget some of our responsibilities. So, we're going to do an affirmation to help us remind us that even though it's the weekend, we still are in control!You may want to light Dark Blue Candles and light Myrrh incense while saying this Affirmation.

"Saturn, O' Ruler of Discipline and Self
Bring unto your magickal Wealth
Aliven my Soul
awaken Self-Control
As I rest from my week
this abundance I know seek
Don't let me forget Responsibility,
As I will, So shall this be."

If you have the habit of forgetting that you're suppose to do things, try also writing them down in a notebook.

Blessed Be,


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