Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Your's truly

A day in the Life of..yours truly.
A little bit about the face behind the Conical Hat.

Pouring your heart and soul out over the internet for all to read? Why not.
Well, To start, my name is Fae Kieran. Im 18 and have been practicing witch since I was 13. Most of my learning comes from myself and things that I've discovered a sort of trial and error. Although the Faery blood runs threw my families veins (as is apparent by our perpetual skinnyness, slightly pointed ears, red curly hair, and fantastic intuition) Most of my family has all but abandoned that part of themselves. Some Modern Traditionalist (think about that paradox for a bit) Would argue that I am now way a traditional Witch as I haven't been through an "initiation" overlooked by a High Priest or Priestess, I'm not part of a coven and have no ties with the family Clan. Well I can tell them to shove it. =D I know the Goddess and God love me and I know I love them, so I could care less what they think.
Im mostly a free spirit, I hate to be tied down, in one place for more than one amount of time. I spend more time outside alone, or on the computer talking to extended family and friends than I do my intermediate family because my intermediate family is slightly less than dysfunctional. However, I have found the necessary family love from the aforementioned places. I have spent the last year burning unnecessary bridges and carving my own life. And though it is unfortunate that I had to loose so many people I once cared about I have found so much more walking down my own path.
While I someday would like to be with a man who can accept me, take care of me, and Love me truly, I believe that at the moment I have other things that need to be done and other people who need taking care of. I also believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe in fairys, enchanted forests, and a whole bunch of other things any normal person would mistake for children's believe. I live in a world filled with wonderful things, as fantastical they may seem. I understand however, that this is not the reality that society has built for it's own comfort and can distinguish between my world and theirs. People perceive things in the way that makes them feel safe.
Just like Witchcraft. The word witch is such a powerful word and can evoke emotions itself without any help from charms or spells. While most people perceive it as Fantasy, others still think of it as a very real dangers, and others it is a way of light and love. However you feel about the subject it is simply something that is highly misunderstood and surrounded by so much mystery and superstition as Im sure one day this time era will also be thought of. "What..Books that you actually have to turn the pages and read yourself? Impossible."
Not only am I a Witch, but I'm also an empath. Empathy is simply the ability to feel and understand what other people are feeling. Weither or not this is the next stage of human evolution, a psychic gift, or simply something that comes with being from a deep understanding of the human experience, that is not for me, you, or any other empath to decide. But for everyone individually to find the reason that is their own.
I am wiser than my years should allow and smarter in a way that matters more than anyone who's graduated Harvard. I do not think of myself as better or lesser than anyone, nor do I think that anyone's thinking of me, my believes, their own believes are wrong or right. We were given the gift of free choice, and no one should think that their way of thinking is the only way. I try to walk with light in my heart, and like anybody, that light sometimes fades. However, I will always be there for those who need it most.
Recently, I've come to a great change in mylife, where I try not to let myself falter and miss the bigger picture. I choose not to worry or to attach my self to anybody emotionally. For the simple reason that, I know that I am needed elsewhere in the world to help it and to be a light for those who have lost their own lights. I have faith that the race of men are not doomed to eternal damnation and this world of pain, and I plan to help them get their. I know that I have a full life ahead of me, and I should live it to the fullest, let go of the past, move on and enjoy myself. Like the proper faery blood in me suggests I do. =D


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