Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harmony and Balance

Current Moon Phase: Waning 4th quarter
Current Moon: Libra

Quick Correspondences for Harmony and Balance
Deity: Ma'at Egyptian Goddess of Balance and Order
Color: White & Black at the same time
Best times: Waxing Moon; Wed or Sat
Number:2 & 4
Elements/Directions: Earth/North & Air/East
Herbs: Basil, nettle, mullein, comfry, oak, woodruff

It has been exactly one week sense New Years. And already you find that your New Years Resolutions are falling a little flat? You find your schedule doesn't allow you to keep the promises you made, or you find your resolve faltering. Frustrating, I'm sure. Well, the easiest way to keep those new years resolutions is this, Reaffirmation. The power that we all feel even if subconsciously of New Years has started to fade as we settle in our way another year around the sun. Reaffirmation is simple enough to do. Gather up something red, and the picture of the Leaning Tower of Piza, or the Tower from Tarot. Sit in a quiet place and set up the photo on top of the red cloth. Breath and try to clear your mind, and once you get to a place where your are quiet minded Visualize yourself on the top of that Tower Now say, loudly and in a demanding voice " I will Do these things" and name off your list of resolutions. Keep saying it, and everytime visualize the tower getting less chaotic, and not as tilted. Once the tower is straight and calm, say what you want to do in a voice that let's the heavens know you mean business.

However, if like so many you find that your resolutions are not only loosing resolve, but you simply don't have the time and energy to keep up with them? Everything is moving to quickly, or you feel overloaded and frustrated. It may be that you have lost your own balance. The Libra Moon is great for working magick to stabilize your life. This simple spell will help you to recover that.
First of, make sure the room or area you are doing the spell is free of clutter and isn't a place that a lot of people come and go in bad moods. And working with balance is going to take much more than just the spell; Make sure the things you want balanced are clearly written on a piece of paper. Buy an organizer or journal (you can even use your phone if it has that option) to keep track of everything that goes on with your life and keep this paper in there (or copy/take a picture on your phone) once you have done the spell. Place One Black Candle and One White Candle on the paper equal distance from each other and the edges of the paper. Light the Candles and say:

"Oh Goddess Ma'at, hear my Prayer
Bring on your wings of air into
this home Harmony and Balance to Spare.
Show me how to make my life be stable,
of this I know I am able.
By the light of these flames and
by the will of me, So Shall this Be!"

Blow out the candles and in the smoke wave your new planer/organizer/journal/phone in it.


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