Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Imbolc: Simple Candle and Clean Ritual

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Imbolc: Sabbat

Imbolc is one of the Sabbat's of Fire, Light, and Purification. Witches cast light spells to purify the winter to make ready for spring. Imbolc is particularly sacred to the Goddess Brigid, the Gaelic deity of Poetry, healing and Smithcrafting, and Imbolc is celebrated in her honor to cast out the bleakness of winter and try and usher in new life and growth for Spring.

Witches honor Brigid by using today to clean their homes, both physically and spiritually, and is their day for Spring Cleaning

Traditionally Witches light candles and say a small charm while both cleaning and purifying their homes.

Here is a small Imbolc spell to cast out your own winter blues:

~Candles, and a lot of them. At the LEAST enough for two in each room of your house (and if you can't do that, enough to illuminate the rooms you spend the most time in)
~Something to carve your candles, a Knife or Letter Opener will do perfectly.

On all of your candles scribe whatever symbols remind you of spring. You may carve flowers, suns, hearts ect ect In the morning hours light them and say:

"May the Faerys now come
and awaken the Sun
and with them to bring
the great season spring.

The flowers shall bloom
and burn away gloom
as witches do clean
and honor Brigid as Queen,

Bleak winter darkness
I will not miss thiss
as I cast away blackness
into abyss."

Remember to clean your house physically and spiritually, leave offerings around trees and gardens on your property to attract Faery's. Rescribe and replace your candles as they burn out threw out the day for as long as you clean!

Blessed Be,


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