Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Midwinter Stew

Midwinter Bleak Stew

Ignore the name! It's to CURE the bleakness of midwinter. =]

You will need:
1 can of Vegetable Stock (or make your own about 2 or 3 cups)
1 medium to large soup pot
2 medium carrots
3 small yams
1 large onion
3 small potatos
1 large turnip
1 can of pumpkin (or approx. 16 ounces of squished pumpkin)
Bay Leaves, Ginger, Cloves, Parsley,
a small amount of hot sauce
a small amount of Worcestershire sauce

Pour the Vegetable Stock in the pot, with about a cup and a half of water, dice the carrots, yam, potatoes and turnip and add in. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil for 30 minutes and add the pumpkin, let the soup come to a boil again and Season with herbs in the amount you find tasteful. Add hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Saute the onions and serve as a garnish.

After you pour the pumpkin in, say as you stir:
"In this pot, I marry the earth,
I pray to the gods for a loving rebirth"

History Lesson: This stew is famous in Celtic Europe. During winter they would gather the materials they had left from the Autumn harvest and make a stew. Since it was the middle of winter and meat was scarce or frail and poorly kept eating it wasn't an option until they were stronger in the spring. They used mainly vegetables that were roots and kept well. (potatoes, onions, yams) It was great to make and keep your body warm and full.

Blessed be,


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