Friday, February 5, 2010

Cleanseing Consecrateing and Empowering

There are many ways to CCE an object. Some of the easiest and simplest methods don't require any spell work at all. Depending on the purpose of your desired empowerment (i.e protection, love, fertility, ect.) you may simply leave the object you are CCE in the Full, or Dark moon, or even out for an entire moon phase if that is an option. Take for example empowering something for the enhancement of psychic abilities. You may want to simply leave the object out during the entire waxing moon phase (from dark to full) Or take it out everynight at moonrise during that time, which ever is the most safe and easiest for you. In some cases, like for protection, you may want to take or leave the object in the moon in a bowl of salt, or in a ring of stones during the duration of the Full Moon (approx 3 days). Let's say you want to empower something for darker aspect magick, such as banishing negativity, Leave the object out during the dark moon. You get the point.

Types of Empowerment
Light Aspect Empowerment: These types of Empowerment are used to Help and heal yourselves and those around you Typically cast during the Waxing to Full Moon.
~ Love ~Harmony ~Fortune ~Joy ~ Peace ~Healing ~Luck
~Protection ~Fertility ~Courage

Dark Aspect Empowerment: This types of empowerment are used to block or repel dark or negative energies.
~"Return-Energy-To-Sender" ~Deflection (diffuse malevolence and ill will) ~Retribution (return energy to sender and seal it there)
~Purging(the complete cleansing of a person/place) ~Banishing (repelling energy)

If you find that you may need an extra kick of magickal assistance then try this simple CCE spell.

Before all spell work, ground, center, and connect to the Divine, and Cast a Circle. Try to use visualization during spell work and to keep your mind focused only on what you're doing. For any information on Grounding, Centering, Connecting or Casting a Circle you can email me. Chances are I will post how to do all of the above at a later date then this current one.

All four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)
If available try using Holy Water (you can email me at "" for a Holy water spell)

Best Times to Perform
As stated earlier, try to perform even this spell during the proper moon phase for the empowerment you desire. I will post a list of appropriate Moon Spell Correspondence's eventually. If not you can always email me at the aforementioned address if you have any doubts about when to perform for specific Empowerment.

Light Aspect CCE Spell
By: Fae Kieran

Hold your hands over the Elements & Say:

"In the names of the Lord and Lady,
And for the Good Will of All
May you only work positively
and be filled with the divine energy of love,
So Mote It Be"

Now, sprinkle or rub the Water over the object you are cleansing.
Say aloud while visualizing the object being infused with a brilliant white light

"O' Working of the Goddess,
and the Element of the Water
in your names I banish all
unclean energies, and in turn
Fill with the Light of ( Name your Empowerment)"

Now, repeat that charm and replace water w. Earth, Air, then Fire.

Once done, hold the object up and say

"This object is blessed,
all spirits may now rest
In god and goddess be true
I know thank you!"

Complete Spell work, Open the Circle, Ground & Center

Consecration of a Dark Aspect Tool
Written by Ann Moura adapted and evolved by Fae Kieran

Perform this type of Consecrating only during a Dark Moon

Black or Purple Altar Candles X3
Rich Incense, like Dragon's Blood, or Frankincense
A Votive candle (Black or purple)
Pentacle (can be drawn)
The Four Elements

Ground Center, call the elements and Cast a Circle

Now, steadily breathing hold the Tool or place it above the Pentacle

"Dark Lady! Dark Lord!
In your veiled light, I consecrate this [tool]
to be used only by me, and to Aid me in my darker work!
By earth it is! [sprinkle with salt]
By Water it is! [sprinkle with water]
By Fire it is! [pass over votive candle]
By Air it is! [pass threw incense smoke]

Set the tool down and take the athame and stab it into the ground (if outside!!) Or hold it pointing to the ground. Then Say

"By the Shadow of this Dark Moon
This tool is cleansed in the names of the
Dark Goddess and Dark God
May it be used to aid me threw my dark journeys
I bid them to share their presence within this [tool]
and it be imbued with the dark power of [empowerment]
So Mote it Be!"

Remove the tool from the pentacle and snuff the votive candle, say aloud

"I command thee, Dark Energies, return ye to the Realm of shadow and harm none! This path Is Closed!"


Don't forget to re ground and center and to release the elements, and open the circle after spell work. Also, don't forget to thank all the forces for their assistance and their help in your work. You may wish to leave simple offerings of bread and wine or juice around a tree as thanks also.

Blessed Be,
Fae Kieran


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