Sunday, February 21, 2010

February: Snow Moon Purification Spell

~ Astrological Moon Placements for February 28 2010: Moon in Virgo; Sun in Pisces (Change Herbal Correspondences based on moon/sun positions)

February is the time of loving the self, accepting responsibility for past errors, forgiving yourself
and making future plans. All this Time Spring Energy is bubbling just beneath the surface. A perfect time for Purification, growth and healing.

-Garlic (for Virgo/Earth)
-Thyme (for Pieces/Water)
-Full Moon Candle

With all the snow on the ground in most places in the northern hemisphere we find ourselves surrounded by the cleansing color of white. The Snow Moon is aptly named because in the Northern Hemisphere February is when the last bouts of natures winter pour out. Thing of it like this: Nature is letting out all her negativity repairing for rebirth in the spring. (Which is what we asked her to do during Imbolc!)

Coming to this realization gives us the chance to do the same.

Gather up all the supplies, chop the Garlic and Thyme (or appropriate Herbs) and spread around the base of the Full Moon Candle. Prepare for Spell Work.

Ground, Center, Connect,
Cast a Circle, and Call the Elements

X Remember X

You may perform this as part of an Esbat Ritual or separately if desired.

Invoke the goddess as Follows

"Lady Mother, I harken you near
Once more, your loving pressence draw here
Snow Moon Above, and I below
I Invite you in my circle, to grow!"

Once established, you may want to sit and meditate while visualizing the Goddess Energy grow and run threw your circle yourself. Open up, and allow the healing to take place. Light the Moon Candle if you haven't already and allow it's energy to pull on the energy of the herbs creating a single energy. Then, allow that energy to flow to you, while saying:

" By all the power of thee snow moon
all for release and healing of my wombs
To melt my so, so I may grow
whilst spring near, and the Sun follow

I know the sun will shine again,
with warmth of love that will begin
to heal the scars of my heart
as winter now does depart

Full Snow Moon thou Shines above
All for the flowing of perfect love
to reinstate my trust in me
and by the goddess, blessed be."

Allow for the candle to burn down to the next notch. You may want to save the herbs for similar spell later on. =]

Complete any other spellwork/esbat

Thank the Elements, Open Circle, Ground and Center.

Blessed Be,


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