Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Blessings

~Friday's Blessings~

Friday is a good day for expression of Love, beauty and happiness. It's ruling deity is the Goddess of Love Venus. If you would like, you may like to light Pink Pastel candles and invite her presence into you home. You can use the following spell as a Friday Blessing and Affirmation.

"Goddess of Love,
Friday has come!
The weekend is here
I draw your presence near!!

Your beauty is within,
but also without!

All Forms of love
Is what you're about

I face this day with
my own beauty and grace
and honor you this way
with a smile on my face!"

For an extra nice touch, you may buy fresh pastel color flowers on this day to decorate your house, but also buy a bundle for Venus and either leave them on your altar or throw them into the nearest source of running water that goes to a lake or ocean!

Blessed Be


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