Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Cleanseing Shower Ritual

A Cleansing Shower Ritual

For this spell you will need Shampoo with Rosemary and Mint. Currently suave makes a fantastic shampoo with such, however if you can not find it you can use plain shampoo and grind up the herb and add it yourself.

Also you will be using your bathroom as a sacred space so make sure it is clean and tidy.

Ground, center, and prepare for spell work in your normal fashion except methods that will be interfered by washing (i.e anointing with oils) You may also use this as a Pre-Normal Spell work also. Most sources recommend Ritual Baths but, sometimes, baths may not be an option.

~Best Times to Perform~
Waning Moon
Or Prior Spellwork

Rosemary & Mint Shampoo/Body wash
A Razor to shave
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
and a brand new white votive candle

Make sure you choose a time where you won't be interrupted, and use a fresh towel for this as well.

Start off by casting a circle, and calling the elements. Light a white candle and place it towards the north.

Stand in front of it raise your arms and Invoke the Goddess as follows:

"Mother goddess please come to this place
fill this room with your loving grace
this child of yours now calls you near
of this I pray you do hear
I invoke your Divine powers within and
through out me,
If you do so will, than so shall it be!"

Once that has been established you may want to sit and meditate with her for a while. Ask for renewal and her aid in your cleansing.

If you haven't done so, get undress and then put yourself where you can turn on the the water while still staying dry (if possible) while you're turning on the water and getting it to the proper temperature say the following while envisioning the water coming from the faucet sparkling:

"O, healing water I call you here
of all your magick I do hold dear!
Cleanse my spirit and cleanse this place
renew my body and renew my face
return into me,
all that is purity,
and in your light, return all that is right!

All earth and air and fire see
As I will so shall it be!
Healing waters come to me!"

Now step into the water and feel its revitalizeing warmth spread over your body. You can clean in any way you wish, but here are a few charms to say while you clean certain parts. Say each charm repeatedly until the washing of that area is complete

~Hair and Body~
"As the Scent, of rosemary and mint
fills the air it wafts away all my cares
freeing my mind for better things,
removing the bad as good it brings"

As I shave the bad goes down the drain
as water falls like pouring rain
I remove all stubble from my life
and make it smooth, without strife"

"I cleanse away all the grease and gook
as I was now every nook
I clean the slate from which I look
to never judge a cover of a book"

"All foul speech and lies go out
as now I move onto my mouth
to speak the truth and trust myself
and clean my teeth for better health"

NOTE! You can do your face and teeth out of the shower if you choose

Once you've been cleaned and the shower is off stand facing the north and say the closing incantation:

"This spell is now done,
Im clean and brand new
Refreshed and Revived
I know this is true.

I thank all the spirits
I know now have helped
For as I am renewed
so shall you be too!

As is above, so be below
in perfect love you may now go
In all that is harmony
so mote it be!"

Blow out the candle.

~Open the Circle, ground, center again.

Blessed be,
Breathless Moon


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