Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wolf Moon Longing Spell

Spell: January's Moon - The Wolf Moon Longing Spell

January's moon is called the wolf moon. It was so aptly named by the Native Americans by observing Wolfs in January. They say that in January wolves howl ever so longingly at the wolf moon to feed their hungry bellies. So, let's use January's moon to fill the emptiness in our own proverbial bellies (or, perhaps even our real ones!).

Best time to perform: Waxing Moon or Full moon in January.

Supplies: A brand new pillar candle
The Ace of Coins from Tarot, The Ace of Cups from Tarot
If you can't get tarot cards, A chalice filled with blessed water and a 50 cent piece will work also.
Oregano (herb)
Peppermint (herb)
Cinnamon (herb)
Rosemary (herb)
(don't forget to charge your herbs!)

Gather all materials, and try and aquire a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. Once your altar is set up, and decorated accordingly prepare in your normal fashion to do spell work. If you're doing it on the Full Moon, you may or may not want to also do an Esbat.

Prepare Space, Ground & Center & Connect, Cast a Circle and Call the Corners

Lay the picture of the wolf behind the candle, the tarot cards (or items) on either side of the candle, and scatter the herbs at the base of the candle. Light the Candle and meditate on the things you long for in your life that will make it better.

Once you spend some time on that, Invoke the deity(s) of your choosing.

Ring a Bell three times or Clap three times and state loudly your intent on starting spell work. Once this is established raise your arms to the moon and say aloud:

" Longings from deep inside my Bones,
I know howl in magick tones
By the light of this Wolf Moon
and the Magick of this Witches Tune,
Bring Fulfillment of these desires
I Wrought,
And harm none thee
shall Not!"

Close your eyes and concentrate on your desires again. Say the following in a clear, concise, and affirmative tone:

"Bless me and my hearth and home,
Help me to be less alone,
Bring to me positive thoughts,
and let me overcome Road Blocks
Help all to see my inner beauty
& give me the strength to do my duty.
Allow great Family Unity,
and from sickness, Immunity
By lord and lady above,
Grant me these things
In perfect trust & perfect love"

Note!!!!!!: You may replace this list of desires with your own, but try to keep them in rhyme and in the same tone

Mark the pillar candle with 12 notches and burn the candle down to the first notch, you will use this candle for the other moons (except the Blue Moon) =]

~Blessed Be,
Fae Kieran.to


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