Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Quick spell Correspondences
Deity: Mercury
Color: Orange
Best times to perform: Waxing Moon
Number: 5
Element/Direction: Air/East

Today is Wednesday, which is traditionally ruled over by Mercury the God of Communication. So, lets talk about Communication.

Communication is more than just talking. It is every interaction we make with another human being. From smiles, waves, and Nods; to in depth conversations and connection on a deeper more personal level. However, in some case's especially those times when Mercury is in retrograde, and waning moons all forms of communication can fall flat (which we are experiencing both of those currently). So, I figured I'd help pass along some Witch-y Knowledge. When you feel communication is lax, Light an Orange Candle on Wednesdays, and perhaps invite Mercury's pressence into your home. A simple herbal mixture of Eybright, Parsley, Citronella and Peppermint is good for promoting Communication.

On days that you find that Communication is especially broken try this simple spell,

Light and Orange Candle and say 3 times

Clever Mercury is the Roman
fleet -footed god,

Bring clear Communication
as into my life you trod.

In this (current Moon Phase) let's
banish troubles far away,

Misunderstandings are gone,
only Harmony will stay.

By all the power of three
times three,

As I will it, then so shall it be!

-Ellen Dugan

We all could use better communication in our lives, so hopefully this will bring some light into yours. Proper communication is good for family unity, helps with relationships at home, work, and socially. You can use communication correspondences along with courage correspondence when you looking to talk to a potential partner so not only will you have courage you also don't say anything silly and embarrassing. Good Luck!

Blessed Be
Fae Kieran


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