Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning w. The DW: Week 1 Home Matinence and Repair

For Spring Cleaning week one w/ the Domestic Witch, she is having us focus on Home Maintenance and Repair/ Health and Fitness.

For more information On Maintenance and Repair and to see her post click here:
Spring Cleaning Week 1

The Following things Is a List of things around my house that need fixing up:

-Bad Roof
-Water damage
  • Laundry Room
  • Balcony
  • Living Room
-Clean Porch and Driveway
-Busted Garage Window
-Clean gutters
-Busted fence

  • New Dishwasher
-Dining Room
  • Fix Molding
  • Doorknob
  • Plaster
-A/C Room
  • Plaster
-Upstairs Hallway
  • Hang Door
-Living Room
  • Water Damage
-Craft Room
  • Broken Light Fixture
-My Bedroom
  • Paint
  • Curtains
  • Water Damage
Soo..This week, I'll focus on the little things, like cleaning the Porch and Driveways; Painting, getting new doorknobs and nailing up the molding in the dining room. The other stuff, like water damage and Roof Repairs, will have to save up the fiances for.

For Saving up money, what you can do is go to a bank and open up a savings account (Preferably one with Free Savings Accounts) And every paycheck put aside a decent amount of money, while still giving yourself enough for the necessities. Every time you deposit money into it say this handy little Charm as you do to spread your desire for a better home with Light and to remind yourself that each time you do, you're getting closer to a home you are happier with.

"I add a pinch to watch it grow,
Into the things I need as so,
to fix my house, to fix my home,
and my hard work shall be shown!"

Blessed be!
Fae Kieran


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are particpating! I think maybe I should had one of those sign ups where you leave your name and url if you are particpating. I've added your banner to my button exhange.

Fae Kieran said...

Thanks! Yours is also on mine. =] I'll do my post for your fitness and health one Tomorrow.


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